FAQ’s Page

What forms of payment will be accepted at the festival?

Cash and credit/ debit card with both be accepted methods of payments for entry to the festival. Some food vendors may not accept cards, so there will be several ATMs available for use.

Can I bring my folding lawn chairs/ a wagon for my children?

Yes, you may.

Can I bring my golf cart to the festival?

No. Any golf cart use is reserved for festival officials and EMS personnel ONLY. Our golf cart policy will be upheld by law enforcement.

I’ll be staying in the RV lot on site. Do I need to purchase my festival ticket to gain entry to the grounds?

Yes, you will still need to purchase a festival ticket to partake in all festival activities.

What time should I arrive at the festival?

Our festival hours are: Friday from 4PM to 11PM, and Saturday from 11AM to 11PM. We have activities spaced through-out the duration of the festival for both days (please see schedule for specifics). Please remember that, with such a large attendance, traffic will always need to be considered in order to make certain events.

What kind of traffic should I expect at the 2018 festival?

This year, there has been a new interstate exit added to the area (edenbourne, exit 179) that should help alleviate congestion. There are also 3 separate entrances to Lamar Dixon. However, traffic for such a large event will always be a reality. Traffic is heaviest in the evenings, due to a large crowds filing in for the balloon glow. To avoid this, we recommend coming earlier in the day.

I purchased a ticket online, but I don’t have my print out. Now what?

If you have purchased a ticket online, you should have been emailed a bar code for your ticket(s). You may pull this code up on your smart phone and our ticket scanners can scan from your screen.

What kind of food will be at the festival?

We actually have a menu online of all of our food vendors. Please click on the “Food Court” tab for menus.

Can I bring my own food and drinks to the festival?

No outside food or drinks will be allowed into the festival.

Will the balloons be visible at the festival through the entire day?

No. The balloons will do a general flight early on Saturday morning through Ascension Parish. Three tethered balloons will inflate for rides at 4PM, and the remaining crowd of balloons will return to the festival grounds for the balloon glow in the evening. Please see the schedule for specifics.

Will I be able to ride in a balloon?

Yes, please visit “tethered rides” under our balloon tab for more information and pricing.

I see *weather permitting* on a lot of information. What does this mean?

Hot air balloons can only safely inflate once the temperature of the atmosphere has dropped below a certain temperature, which is why our pilots will do an early morning flight, and only inflate/ glow towards the evening time. All inflation’s are also subject to wind conditions.


Balloon FAQ’s

How does a hot air balloon work?

If you’re familiar with the term “heat rises”, this can give a pretty good indication of how hot air balloon fly. As the propane burners heat the air inside of the balloon’s envelope, the balloon will ascend. To descend, the vent at the top of the envelope may be opened to expel the hot air, or the air may be left to cool on its own.

When can balloons fly?

Hot air balloons may only fly during specific weather conditions. Flights will generally occur at sunrise or sunset, when the atmosphere temperatures are lower and wind speeds are the lightest. Wind speeds over 8-10 MPH are considered too dangerous for flight. Other conditions, such as thunderstorms, rain, or fog that occurs within 100 miles will ground balloon flights for safety reasons.

How many people can ride together in the balloon’s basket?

Generally, around 6 people depending on the size of each person, and the size of the basket that the pilot has for his/ her balloon.

Is there a weight limit for balloon rides?

Each balloon can fly with a combined passenger weight of around 700 pounds. However, this number does not include the pilot/ crew, and will vary depending on the size of the balloon (larger balloons can carry more weight).