Balloon Rides

Tethering means, the balloon is securely anchored to the ground via a series of high-tensile strength ropes and carabiners. Then the hot air balloon ascends to a pre-determined height above the ground and crowd to a height of 50′ or less. During a tether ride, passengers climb aboard the aircraft for a short ride. Rides generally last about 5 minutes, including the embarkation, ascent, decent and disembarkation.


Conditions required for a successful tether:

1. Very good weather conditions (winds less than 5 mph, with no moisture in the air). Generally speaking the best conditions for flying or tethering balloons are early mornings or late evenings. For day time tether rides during the summer the success rate drops to about 20%.

2. Good crowd control for safety and organization of rides.

Pricing is as follows:

–  $20 for adults

–  $15 for ages 8 and under

–  *Cash ONLY payments will be accepted prior to your ride*