Barbecue Competition

Ascension Hot Air Balloon Festival Barbecue Competition – September 21-22

Friday – Lamendola’s Steak Cook Off with owner Daphine Lamemdola

**3-Time SCA National Champion, Chuck Edwards, will be competing this year!**

5 pm Cooks Meeting (1st BBQ meeting, 2nd steak meeting, 3rd steak selection, and 4th pickup boxes)

7:00 pm – Steak Judges Meeting

8:00-8:30 pm – Steak Turn-in

9:00 pm –   Steak Awards

Saturday – BCA BBQ Competition: Pork Spare Ribs, Half Chicken, Brisket

Sponsored by Ralph’s Market

** All Cooks should be present at least 30 minutes before turn-in**

11AM – Judges meeting for all categories.

* Judges are to arrive 15 minutes prior to turn in times below. 

12 noon – BBQ Half Chicken Turn In

1:30 pm – BBQ Pork Spare Rib Turn-In

3:00 pm – BBQ Beef Brisket Turn-In

4:30 pm – BBQ Awards


BBQ application

*We will also need volunteer judges! If you or a friend would like to sign up to be a judge in the barbecue competition, please check back for details*

Volunteer Here!